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Debunking the Top 6 Misconceptions of Staying at a Hostel

By staying at a hostel you not only benefit from an affordable price but you also have the chance to make new friends and experience a unique accommodation. Despite the huge range of benefits and the fact that this is a growing choice within the travelling community, travellers are still wrongly put off the idea of hostels purely based on ancient myths.

Here are some of the top misconceptions surrounding hostel accommodation and reasons why they’re completely wrong.

1) Hostels Are a Safe Place to Stay

One of the very first misconceptions people have when considering a hostel is that they don’t provide a safe place to stay. But, as with the other points we will highlight further on, this isn’t the case at all. Hostels do provide safe accommodation. Security is absolutely a priority and hostels will look to achieve this in many ways, including having an on-site security team and reception staff who will be available 24/7. In a lot of cases entry to the building and rooms is only possible with a key card. You don’t have to worry about your personal belongings as secured lockers and safety deposit boxes are typically provided. A lot of the concerns people have relates to who they will be sharing the hostel with, which brings us on to our next point…

2) There’s No Need to Worry About a Lack of Privacy

Hostels are one of the best ways to form new friendships with people from all walks of life but that doesn’t need to be at the expense of your privacy. Think you need to share your room with a complete stranger? Wrong! In fact, at Sleep Eat Love, our luxury Liverpool hostel provides you with so many options to accommodate you best. You can choose to sleep in a private room by yourself, a family room or should you wish to get to know like-minded travellers, a dorm consisting of up to 10 people. The choice is completely yours and private rooms still retain the affordable and luxury factor. Despite being known for shared accommodation, you don’t have to share a room or bathroom if you don’t want to. Even if you do choose a private room, there will still be plenty of opportunities throughout the hostel to get acquainted with other travellers.

3) Hostels Are Thoroughly Cleaned

Despite the incorrect image people who’ve never experienced this type of accommodation may have, hostels aren’t a place where guests are left to fend for themselves  You may not expect to receive a daily housekeeping service like at an expensive luxury hotel, but staff are still based on the premises to keep it running in top condition on a daily basis. You will find that hostels are well maintained and cleaned to the very high standard you demand. Remember that it is always in the hostels’ best interests to keep the accommodation clean . Your satisfaction and word-of-mouth is necessary to keep the place running.

4) No, This Isn’t Just for People on a Budget

So you think the only people who choose to stay in a hostel are those on a tight budget? Of course it’s a massive benefit that hostels provide cheap accommodation but the cost only covers part of the decision making process. It’s often said that choosing a hostel is indicative of your personality rather than your wallet. You will find that most hostels offer a unique and quirky experience, providing an alternative to the tried and tested hotel formula. Not to mention that hostels allow you to meet and interact with other guests in ways no other accommodation can provide.

5) This Isn’t a Cheap No Frills Experience

In order to keep costs down, naturally there’s a limit to what a hostel can provide you. But that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of amenities included in your booking. In fact, many hostels are able to offer certain features that you would normally pay for elsewhere, such as free WiFi. At the core experience of any hostel is the engagement among fellow guests. Hostels are built with this in mind so expect the accommodation to go big with its communal offerings. Activity rooms will be available providing TV and games as well as the option of grabbing a snack from a vending machine. You also have access to a shared kitchen, a perfect opportunity to learn some cooking lessons from an international traveller!

6) Don’t Expect a Lively Party Scene 24/7

Hostels are popular among young people, especially students and those on a budget, but it’s a common misconception that age factors into who stays at a hostel. People of all ages and backgrounds stay here, including pensioners looking to do some sightseeing in their retirement years. Even families have been known to choose to spend time at a hostel rather than other accommodation. With this in mind, while the social atmosphere is obviously important, hostels are not hotspots for loud late night raves as some may think. Some hostels may operate a ‘lights out’ or ‘quiet time’ rule so be sure to find out in advance should this affect what you’re after.

If you have previously had any unease about staying at a hostel, we hope that this article has reassured you that hostels are a safe, fun and relaxing way to experience a new city.

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